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RV Accident

Many Americans love to travel in their Recreational Vehicle (RV). These portable homes on wheels are a great way to travel. They are family friendly, comfortable, and affordable. However, they also are dangerous. Drivers frequently lose control of RVs causing terrifying crashes that inflict devastating injuries or the death of those who occupy the RV and others who share the road with the RV. As the weather warms and vacation season is upon us, RVs, campers, and the like will take to the roads. If you or a loved one is injured in an RV crash, Kenneth J. Annis & Associates, with their 40-plus years of experience winning personal injury cases, can help you recover compensation for injuries suffered in a RV collision.

RVs are larger vehicles than people are accustomed to driving. They are longer, taller, and heavier than the average motor vehicle, pickup truck, or sports utility vehicle (SUV). As such, the RVs are less responsive and more difficult to maneuver. Steering also is more challenging. It is much easier to lose control of a motor vehicle that is heavier and taller than the average car or SUV. Braking is more difficult as well, which can mean the driver loses control or fails to stop as quickly as desired.

Driver error plays a significant role in RV crashes. Driver inexperience is one of the most common causes of error. Drivers must be extra vigilant when operating an RV. A strong gust of wind could knock the trailer into the next lane, and sudden hard steering corrections can cause a rollover accident. Furthermore, a swaying RV can slam into another vehicle causing that vehicle to lose control. Additionally, the driver of another vehicle could take evasive action and try to swerve out of the way of a swaying RV only to overcorrect and lose control. Failure to remain vigilant when driving an RV can cause disaster.

Another common problem involves the overweight RV. Overweight RVs are less maneuverable than the average automobile. Furthermore, overweight RVs are more difficult to safely stop than a properly balanced RV. Additionally, the added load will put pressure on the steering, suspension systems, drivetrain and chassis, which might cause a loss of control. Towing capacity and improper hitching of a car can present additional safety risks. Many folks like to tow a car behind their RV. Frequently, people will hitch a trailer and tow off-road vehicles or other personal items that cannot fit into the RV. Towing makes the RV longer and heavier, which make a dangerous situation even more hazardous.

It is the RV driver’s responsibility to weigh the RV properly before driving. The driver must understand the RV’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Furthermore, the driver must understand the maximum weight of the RV and anything in tow. The RV must be loaded correctly, both front and rear. Proper loading will ensure appropriate weight distribution in the RV.

With all that weight on board and in tow, enormous stress is exacted on the tires. Forgetting to check the tires for proper air pressure, balanced wear, and baldness is a common mistake that can have tragic consequences. RV tires, as with all vehicles, must be inflated properly. Tire failure traveling at the speed limit on a highway can be deadly for occupants of the RV as well as for anyone else on the road. Traveling with the proper tires is also critical because installing tires that are not rated for a particular RV creates a safety hazard.

If you or a loved one was injured in an RV accident in the Maryland, Virginia, or the Washington, DC area, call the law firm with over 40 years of experience fighting for victims who were injured through no fault of their own. Kenneth J. Annis & Associates has the experience and the dedication to fight to achieve maximum results for their clients. Call them today at 202-785-2244 and schedule your free consultation.


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