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School Bus Accident

School bus accidents happen every day. Unfortunately, many students are injured or killed while riding the bus to school. It should not happen, but it does so with alarming regularity. There have been several school bus crashes, with multiple children suffering injuries in the past few years in the Washington D.C. area. Parents need to do everything to protect the rights of their child after a school bus crash. The law firm of Kenneth J. Annis & Associates could help if your child suffered injuries in a school bus accident. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Kenneth J. Annis & Associates will be right by your side to fight for you to win the compensation your child and your family deserve.

There are several reasons why you need to hire an attorney immediately after a school bus accident. Delaying the decision could lead to disastrous results. There are legal notice and timing requirements with which you must comply, or your claim for damages will be waived forever. If your child attends a public school, for example, then the appropriate governmental agencies must receive notice that you intend to pursue a claim for damages because of something the school did wrong. Failing to comply with this strict requirement typically means that you will be barred from recovery from the school district and other government entities because of sovereign immunity.

The relevant statute of limitations constitutes another critical deadline with which you must comply. The statute of limitations is a deadline by which a lawsuit must be filed in court. Failure to comply with this deadline will prevent you from recovering against any party you think is at fault. An attorney can guide you through the process of filing your court case on time to protect your rights.

There are many potential parties who might have contributed to the accident. A competent personal injury attorney with experience handling school bus accidents will investigate the facts to identify the appropriate defendants. School bus accident litigation can be complicated because you might be dealing with several defendants and their insurance companies with each represented by their own attorney.

Proving who is at fault for your child’s injuries many not be as simple as it sounds. The process of establishing fault can be very difficult. Each party will try to blame the other for the crash. Defendants might even try to blame your child for distracting the bus driver or otherwise contributing to the accident. That is why a thorough and complete investigation must be made into the facts and circumstances of the accident by an experienced school bus accident lawyer. A successful claim will require determining what each party was doing right before the accident. For example, it is vital to learn if any of the drivers was looking at their cell phone right before the crash. The school bus itself could have a surveillance camera, so your attorney will need to obtain a copy of that footage. Your attorney will also need to gather many other relevant documents, including police reports, medical records, school records, driver’s personnel file, transportation safety data, school bus maintenance records, and so on. These records can establish who is to blame for the school bus crash. This process is better left to an attorney who knows how to efficiently and effectively obtain and use these records.

Calculating damages is also essential to obtaining the fullest financial recovery. An experienced attorney will know what you are entitled to recover. Importantly, an experienced attorney will fight on your behalf against the insurance companies. The companies are exclusively interested in keeping the cost of the settlement down. They are not on your side. A competent attorney will explain settlement options and weigh the benefits and risks of taking the case to court or settling.

School bus accidents are terribly tragic. Call the experienced, dedicated attorneys of Kenneth J. Annis & Associates if your child suffered injuries in a school bus accident. Our law firm will fight to win you the compensation you deserve. Call Kenneth J. Annis & Associates today at 202-785-2244 to schedule your free consultation.


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