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Side-impact crashes can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. A side-impact crash involves an impact to the side of a car rather than directly from the front or behind. Side-impact is either a “t-bone,” broadside strike, or a sideswipe. Any of these types of impacts is incredibly dangerous. Not only are side-impacts potentially deadly for the occupant on the side of the crash, but those seated on the opposite side away from the crash are also at risk of suffering serious injury or death. If you or a loved one have were injured in a side-impact crash, the dedicated car accident attorneys of Kenneth J. Annis & Associates will fight to win you the compensation you deserve.

The impact from a “t-bone” crash can wreak havoc upon the occupants of the vehicle suffering side-impact damage. They are a great risk of head and neck injuries, ranging from “whiplash” injuries to spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. Despite wearing a seat belt, the occupant of a car impacted on its side may strike his head on the window or the interior frame of the vehicle from being tossed side-to-side. Such an impact can lead to concussions or worse depending upon the velocity involved in the crash. A direct hit on the side can cause broken arms, ribs, and legs as well. Additionally, cars struck on their side may be flipped by the force generated during a side-impact collision. The risk of a car flipping increases based on a substantial disparity in the size and weight of the vehicles, and the smaller vehicle that suffers a side-impact is at a greater risk of rolling over.

Occupants on the non-impact side are at risk as well. Vehicle occupants seated away from the direct impact can suffer head injuries from the side-to-side force applied to their head and neck. Interestingly, passengers on the opposite side from the side-impact are at a high risk for chest injuries. Furthermore, the passengers opposite a direct hit are at a greater risk if the vehicle rolls over.

Sideswipe crashes are quite common on highways. These accidents usually occur when cars are traveling parallel or at a slight angle to each other. Sideswipe accidents can occur in a large number of scenarios according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Those scenarios include:

  • Vehicle changing lanes or merging into another lane striking a vehicle already in that lane;
  • Two vehicles changing from different lanes into the same lane;
  • One vehicle drifting into a lane already occupied; and
  • Pulling away from or out of a parking spot into traffic.

Sideswipe accidents are particularly dangerous. The initial impact may cause damage, but the aftermath is most likely to cause more severe damage. Sideswipe crashes can lead to a loss of control and spin outs. When a car spins out, it might strike another vehicle, a guardrail, or a tree. The duration and direction of a spin out can be unpredictable. The subsequent crash could cause serious injury or death even if the initial crash was not violent.

Another concern surrounding a sideswipe crash involves overcorrecting. Overcorrecting causes loss of control and the inability to operate the vehicle safely. Overcorrecting, especially in vehicles that are top heavy like SUVs, can cause rollovers. Overcorrecting not only causes a potential loss of steering, but it may also cause the loss of braking ability as well. Thus, overcorrecting exposes the occupants to the potential for suffering great harm, such as injuries experienced in a vehicle ejection.

If you are the victim of a side-impact accident, let the experienced side-impact crash attorneys of Kenneth J. Annis & Associates fight for you. Kenneth J. Annis & Associates zealously advocate for their clients and tirelessly fight to win just compensation for side-impact accident victims. Call Kenneth J. Annis & Associates today at 202-785-2244 to schedule your free consultation.


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