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What to do If you are involved in an automobile crash

A Washington Metropolitan D.C. Car Accident Attorney Explains What to Do if You Are Involved in a Car Accident

A car accident can be one of the most frustrating, traumatizing and physically traumatic things a person can experience. They often happen so suddenly, leaving you little time to conceptualize what just happened or what to do next. However, when it comes to car accidents it is important to remember these basic steps outlined below:

  1. Contact the Police and Insurance Company

    Many drivers who are involved in a car accident believe that contacting the police is not necessary and they will be able to handle the situation on their own. Oftentimes, one of the drivers may also be hesitant to contact the police or will suggest that the issue can be handled personally without police involvement. Either way, contacting the police is always the best option. The police will gather details and create a report and assist in filing the claim with the insurance company. It is also helpful to have the officer’s recollection of the accident formally noted and have his notes available for the insurance company to review. This helps alleviate any scenarios involving your word versus the other driver’s, which often happens and can be frustrating and unfair.

    Important Note: You should not give a recorded statement to the insurance company until you have consulted with your lawyer. See “Contact Washington, D.C. Car Accident Lawyer” Section below.

  2. Exchange Information With the Other Driver

    Although the police will most likely gather your information and the other driver’s information for the police report, it is recommended that you also personally exchange information with the other driver. If you physically and mentally have the wherewithal after the crash, you should notate the location of the crash, the details of how it happened, what damage occurred and any physical pain you are experiencing. You should also notate the other driver’s insurance information, their license plate number, vehicle make and model and their driver’s license information. If there are any witnesses it is also incredibly beneficial to collect their information and account as to what happened during the accident.

  3. Seek Medical Assistance Immediately

    It is very important for your physical well-being and for any future lawsuit you may file that you seek immediate medical attention. It is important that a healthcare professional is able to examine you even if you feel like your injuries may be minor. It is also important that a healthcare professional notates any injuries you did sustain in a timely and properly recorded fashion for any future lawsuit you may file.

  4. Take Pictures of Cars and Damage

    Although you will probably be fairly shaken up and not thinking completely clearly, after you have sought any needed medical attention and called the police, it is important that you take pictures. It will be incredibly helpful if you are able to show any necessary parties pictures of the damage that was done or pictures of your injuries. Both will be much more credible than just your word or recollection of the accident. Photos of the damage will be necessary in order for the insurance company to make a fair compensation claim, and also necessary in court if a “compare and contrast” analysis is needed of your car before and after the accident occurred.

  5. Contact a Metropolitan Washington, D.C Car Accident Lawyer

    Overall, it is important to quickly contact a qualified and experienced Washington, D.C. car accident lawyer. Attorney Kenneth J. Annis & Associates can assist you with any of the aforementioned important things to remember after a car accident and help you through this difficult process.

Remember when it comes to car accidents, the clock is ticking and you should act sooner rather than later. If you or someone you know has been involved in an automobile accident, contact the law offices of Kenneth J. Annis & Associates at (202) 785-2244 or email for a free consultation.


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