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Fighting for Your Full Recovery Following a Car Accident in Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

Car accidents can be a very scary, harmful and stressful time, both for physical and financial reasons. The repercussions of getting into a car accident can be devastating despite how minor or catastrophic the personal injury or property damage is. Unfortunately there are many accidents everyday in Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and the victims of these accidents will required an experienced auto accident attorney to ensure they receive the compensation to which they are entitled

Auto Accidents Happen Everyday

Roughly 10 million individuals across the U.S. are injured in car accidents every year. These accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons. Car accidents are often the result of driver negligence or recklessness, including driving while intoxicated, speeding, distracted driving, and driving while fatigued, among other factors.

Accidents can also be attributed to defective vehicles, including design defects. At times, unfortunate weather conditions could arise or the presence of roadway design or maintenance defects could all contribute to a harmful accident. No matter the reason for your car accident, you need representation that will fight for your rights and stand up for the injuries that you incurred.

Offering Experienced Representation for Car Accident Victims

Attorney Kenneth J. Annis of the law firm Kenneth J. Annis & Associates has over 40 years of experience making sure his car accident clients receive the compensation and fair outcome they deserve. His knowledge and insight serve as a valuable asset if you choose to have him represent your matter in court. Washington, D.C. car accident attorney Kenneth Annis will fight for your case and be sure your rights are preserved and protected through the entirety of the process. He has represented clients who were injured by hit-and-run drivers, drunk drivers, uninsured motorists and those injured due to defective vehicle design. Our firm is ready to take on your case and represent you just as effectively as he represented each of them.

As soon as he is assigned to your case, Attorney Kenneth J. Annis will begin taking the necessary steps to thoroughly prepare your case in order to present your claim zealously in court and obtain the most favorable outcome for you. Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia comprise the nation’s 8th most populated metropolitan area. In these bustling zones, auto accidents and injuries happen all the time. Be sure you have the most aggressive and professional attorney by your side when fighting for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

You May Have the Right to File a Personal Injury Claim

Car accident injuries can range from soft tissue injuries like neck and back sprains, to serious injuries such as broken bones, head injury, paralysis, fractures, death, organ trauma, herniated discs or other potentially permanent injuries. If you have sustained any of these injuries, you may have a viable claim and have the right to compensation. If the results of your injuries have caused you to be incapacitated and you are unable to work, you are probably experiencing a loss of income and it is affecting you and your family’s livelihood. You may be owed compensation for this type of loss and injury as well.

You may also have damage to your vehicle that is expensive to repair. This damage may have also left you without a mode of transportation, which could also affect your ability to work. No matter the extent of your injury, inability to work, lost income or the extent of your property damage, an experienced attorney will fight to obtain the best compensation and recovery for you. Don’t waste time with unanswered questions and stress. Seek the assistance of an automobile accident attorney as soon as possible who will assess your matter and develop a claim that will result in the best possible outcome for you.

Do Not Face the Insurance Companies Alone

Insurance companies do not have your best interests (as a claimant) in mind when an accident occurs. Specifically, they are in the business of protecting their own insured. The insurance company will employ numerous tactics in an attempt to minimize your recovery. This includes making low, quick settlement offers and attempting to take a recorded statement without your attorney present. By doing so, the insurance company will try to use your recorded statement against you.

Kenneth J. Annis & Associates has several decades of experience in representing those injured as a result of driver negligence. We will ensure that you receive the best possible medical care from qualified medical professionals, who will render the appropriate medical treatment you require and fully document your injuries.

Over the years, our firm has developed relationships with accident reconstruction experts, traffic and safety experts and other experts, who, in cases of going to trial, will work to effectively and successfully present your case and obtain the best possible recovery for you in Metropolitan Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. These professionals will help determine the true value of your case and will prepare the necessary documentation to support your claim for compensation. Automobile accidents can be very costly, not only financially but also emotionally. At Kenneth J. Annis and Associates, we will work diligently to maximize your compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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