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Property Owner Liability and Compensation for Injuries Sustained – Washington, D.C Premises Liability Attorney

Property, land and business establishment owners have a responsibility to the guests of the premises they own. They must provide a reasonably well-kept and safe and secure environment for those who visit their property to minimize the incidence of injuries or harm. Despite these standards and expectations, thousands of individuals are injured on a regular basis due to ill-kept or negligently maintained premises. If a business or property owner fails to meet the required standard and an individual is harmed while on their property, that individual may be able to recover for their injuries and pain and suffering. If you were injured on someone else’s property or by the fault of their negligence, you should not have to be responsible for the steep medical bills or lost time off from work you have incurred.

Landowners Owe a Legal Duty to Their Guests

Sometimes it may be difficult to ascertain who exactly can be held liable for a premise injury. A variety of landowners or business owners may be held responsible for injuries or harm you suffered while visiting their property. The following types of people can be held liable and may owe you compensation for damages:

  • Landlords
  • Government entities
  • Property managers
  • Mall/shopping center owners
  • Private landowners

It may also be difficult to know what kind of maintenance or upkeep a landowner must uphold in order to bring a claim against them. In Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, the law states that a premise owner may be liable if they do not maintain the upkeep, security or safety of the premises. There is a standard and a responsibility for the premise owner to maintain or take the following actions:

  • If there are known problems or safety issues, repairs must be made;
  • Reasonable steps must be taken to ensure property is reasonably safe;
  • Providing reasonable security; and
  • Warning the public about dangerous conditions that are not open and obvious.

Types of Property Injuries That Can Receive Compensation

The scope of premises liability stretches so far because almost anytime you are on the property of another owner; they may be held liable if you are injured while you were a guest. This applies to places such as night clubs, amusement parks, movie theaters, shopping centers, construction sites or even an apartment or rental complex. Whether you were injured in a parking lot accident, by a fire, from a defective sidewalk, uneven or wet floor surfaces, the presence of mold, falling objects, and many more, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. An experienced attorney can tactfully assess the details of the accident and effectively approach your claim to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

If a landowner has failed to make repairs in order to maintain the safety of their guests, they are not meeting the required standard and should be held legally responsible. Many injuries could be avoided if it were not for their negligence, however the burden of medical bills, pain and suffering or loss of time from work, should not fall onto your shoulders.

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