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If you purchase a product like an automobile, pharmaceutical, medical device, child’s stroller or laptop, you probably expect that the product will be reasonably safe if used for the purposes it was marketed. Despite this justifiable expectation, nearly 30 million people suffer injuries caused by defective and unreasonably unsafe products annually.

The Consumer Protective Safety Administration (CPSC) establishes safety regulations and coordinates recalls covering many consumer products. However, manufacturers continue to design, manufacture and market products that harm consumers of all ages. Companies also have been known to delay implementation of recalls even after a product has been identified as unsafe. As a growing number of companies are now importing products from foreign countries like China, including children’s products with lead paint, the problem is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Aggressively Taking on Large Corporations Selling Faulty Products

Washington D.C. product liability attorney Kenneth J. Annis has over forty years of experience tenaciously fighting for individuals who suffer injuries caused by negligent parties which include large corporations. If you are injured by a defective vehicle or an unsafe drug, manufacturers of such hazardous products often have virtually unlimited financial resources to defend against liability, so you need a law firm with a proven track record of fighting for the rights of consumers. The law firm of Kenneth J. Annis and Associates utilizes state of the art litigation tools, our extensive network of experts and decades of experience to obtain the fullest recovery against businesses that put faulty products on the market.

Our law firm zealously represents the interests of our clients throughout Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia from our initial investigation through settlement or trial. Mr. Annis frequently obtains desirable settlements for his clients based on thorough preparation, investigation and research of the facts and law as well as effective negotiation and advocacy. When you seek to take on massive corporations with virtually unlimited financial resources, you need a dedicated and proven product liability attorney to balance the scales of justice.

Legal Theories for Pursuing a Defective Product Claim

When you or someone close to you is injured by a defective or unsafe product, product liability laws permit you to pursue a legal claim against any entity in the manufacturing and distribution chain. This includes businesses that manufacture, design and market the product to consumers. The objective of defective product law is to shift the financial cost associated with products that are unsafe or improperly tested to the businesses that profit from their sale of harmful products. Our Washington D.C. product liability law firm may pursue a product liability claim based on three distinct legal theories:

  • Negligence : Entities involved in the manufacture and sale of products must exercise reasonable care to prevent injury to consumers caused by the items they produce. Negligence may be a basis for imposing liability on a company for harm caused by a defective product. Substandard care in the design, manufacture or labeling/warnings associated with a product might be a basis for financial recovery.
  • Strict Liability : Although a company that produces or markets a defective product can be liable for a failure to exercise reasonable care to prevent injury to consumers, our law firm might elect to pursue any entity in the chain of production and distribution of the defective product based on strict liability. Because companies that produce faulty products have unfettered access to determine the cause of any problems, consumers might be relieved of the obligation to establish the specific substandard conduct that caused a specific defect. Under this theory, any entity involved in designing, manufacturing or marketing the product can be liable based on evidence the product had a defect when it left the control of a particular entity.
  • Breach of Warranty : Breach of express or implied warranties also constitute a legal theory that may be used to hold companies financially responsible for unsafe products. Implied warranties can include the warranty of merchantability and the warranty of fitness for a particular purposes. The warranty of merchantability, which is imposed by operation of law provides that a product meets basic consumer expectations and functions the way normally anticipated when used as intended. Although both express and implied warranties can be the basis for imposing liability, the viability of this legal theory may depend on disclaimers on the packaging of the product.

Passionate Advocacy for Injured Consumers

Whether you are injured by a defect caused by a defect in the design, manufacturing process or marketing of a product, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages. A design defect will apply to all units of a particular product because the defect is inherent in the product even if the product corresponds perfectly to product specifications. Manufacturing defects will apply to particular units, models or lots of a product because a problem occurs during the production, fabrication or assembly process. This type of defect arises because of a deviation from the product specifications. Finally, marketing defects refer to the failure to provide proper warnings regarding potential risks or a lack of adequate instructions regarding safe use of the product.

Because our Washington D.C. defective product law firm has represented clients in a wide range of litigation involving unsafe products, we can represent you in cases involving the following:

  • Unsafe motor vehicles and components (e.g., faulty airbags, defective ignition switches, sudden acceleration)
  • Kids products (e.g., strollers, playpens, child safety restraint systems, playsets, cribs)
  • Hazardous substances or chemicals (asbestos, carcinogens)
  • Propane heaters and barbecues
  • Medical products and pharmaceuticals
  • Other consumer products

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